Some Settlers for South East Roosevelt County, NM

In the Longs Community

I am the only grandchild of Willard Rupert Long, the youngest child of Thomas Henry and Virginia L. Long.

Sabrina Lansford (Native New Mexican!)



Ledger from Long Mercantile 1915 to 1920 owned by

Thomas Henry Long and son T. H. Long


Names Listed:


Long, Billy Jean these two names are on the first page for a

Spelling and Reading contest. Ison, Kathleen


Anderson, O. R.

Anderson, B. S.

Anderson, W. J.

Arnold, Hana

Anderson, S. F.

Blakey, Clara

Bryant Pro Co, J. E.

Blakey, A. G.

Byres, Geo

Bledsoe, T. J.

Blaky, Clara

Boss, Chas

Bough, A.

Blakey, Mack

Brown, Dayton

Beunett, Mosses

Doker, R. A.

Clouser, Mrs.

Clouser, Herbert

Clouser, E. F.

Countess, R. E.

Connally, Roy

Campbell, V. J.

Corter, J. E.


Edmondson, J.R.

Fraze, U. S.

Fullerton, M. A.

Fullerton, R. A.

Fullerton, Tip

Fullerton, Austin

Fullerton, C. C.

Fisher, Mr. (Tom?)

Fisher, Bill

Gibson, Bill

Garrison, J. J.

Garrison, Devey

Garrison, Wayne

Garrison , Wink

Greathouse, Frank

Gesthouse, Ollie May

Greshom, M. S.

Garrison, D. E.

Green, Mss F.

Gordon, Mr.

Haislip, Tom

Harvey, T. S.

Hjorct, H. M. (Hans)

Horney, Paul

Horter, J. G.

Horter, Ray

Horttor, Raymond

Hart, Mrs Fannie

Huffman, John

Hamby, Mond

Hill, Ben

Houk, H. A.

Henson, W. O.

Horth, John

Holland, Bob

Herrington, Doc

Harltor, Aarmond

Hedgecock, W.C.

Hayes, J. W.

Jordan, Mrs. J.F.

Jones, Geo

Jordan, Mrs Dora

Johnston, Miss Lucy (1917)

Kendall, Mrs Oma

Kendall, R.J.

Landfair, J.N.

Little, L. A.

Long, O. D. (some paid by Holling 1919)

Long, Oscar (some paid by Holling 1919 and 1920)

Marrs, Esther

Marrs, W.A.

Marrs, WM

Marrs, R.H.

Mayes, H. T.

Mc Clennan, Warran (W. M.)

Mullins, Tom

Musick, G. R.

Morerman, B.F.

Maxwell, Chos

Oneal, Berry

Oneal, Gerrard

Onsby, J.P.

Mill Account

Parker, Chas

Parks, G.H.

Pruit, L.A.

Puett, V.E.

Quoid, S.W.

Rushing, Joe (J.R.)

Rushing, John

Riley, John (J. M.)

Ruby, W. H.

Rogers, Walter

Rogers, Wesley

Ray, J. A. (Redland NM)

Roberts, W. E.

School Ris No. 34 (1917)

Sartor, T. E.

Stoker, R. A.

Stewart, W. A.

Smith, T. J.

Sellridge, J.B.Taylor, Bill

Suarington, Geo

Surall, C. C.

Soughtm Mill Account (1919)

Squaid, Ms.

Tolard, D.

Vernon, J. b.

Walker, L. M.

Wilson, Mr.


"Garrison and Long Portales," is written on the last page of the ledger. It lists debts and payments with people's names perhaps checks deposited.

(I have not transcribed these names.)

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