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Arch Cemetery (a few graves) 

1672A New Mexico 88

Benson Cemetery

4402 S. Roosevelt Road 4

Bethel Cemetery 

2720 S. Roosevelt Road 3

Bluitt Cemetery 

4249 S. Roosevelt Road G

Causey Cemetery  A G H M N Z

1110 New Mexico 458

Cowboys Graves (2 ) (likely D-Z ranch hands) 

2106 S. Roosevelt Road J

Eagle Hill Cemetery 

798 New Mexico 258

Eiland Cemetery 

972 South Roosevelt Road J

Elida Cemetery 

121 New Mexico 330

Fairfield Cemetery 

431 N. Roosevelt Road 3

Floyd Cemetery 

306 S. Roosevelt Road AG

Garcia Family Cemetery (private cemetery) 

3055A U. S. 70

Garrison Cemetery (2 - 3 graves)

2701 S. Roosevelt Road L

Graves (3) (names unknown) 

2750A S. Roosevelt Road V

Grider Ranch Cemetery

Harris Cemetery (1 grave - Patience Harris) 

Hughes Cemetery

1312 S. Roosevelt Road 15



3122 S Roosevelt Road 35

Inez Cemetery 

1998 S. Roosevelt Road G

Ingram Cemetery 

4250 S. Roosevelt Road 10

Jas. H. Hopson Cemetery (at least 9 graves)

2648 S. Roosevelt Road V

K. K. Runnels Cemetery (2 graves - private cemetery) 

1009 New Mexico 202

Kenna Community Cemetery 

2935 S. Roosevelt Road AR

Langston Cemetery 

3366 N. Roosevelt Road 1

Longs Cemetery

2299 S. Roosevelt Road K

Miller Grave Site (1 grave - Ethel E. Miller) 

3970 S. Roosevelt Road 18

Milnesand Cemetery (a few graves) 

4550A New Mexico 206

Mt. Zion Cemetery

048 New Mexico 235

New Hope Cemetery

3242 S. Roosevelt Road T

Old Kenna Cemetery (original) 

4195 S. Roosevelt Road 29

Portales Cemetery 

1600 East 3rd Street

Rest Lawn Memorial Park 

8002 New Mexico 206

Richland Cemetery 

2950 S. Roosevelt Road O

Roebuck Cemetery

2397 S. Roosevelt Road C

Sheepherders Graves (2)

1609 New Mexico 114

Six - Shooter Cemetery (1 grave known - Wyatt)

 4099 S. Roosevelt Road L

Snellenberger Grave (1 - infant)

2098 S. Roosevelt Road 28

Spillman Chapel Cemetery

3001 S. Roosevelt Road 30

Spriggs Ranch Cemetery (private) 

048 S. Roosevelt Road O

Tolar Cemetery

5129 N. Roosevelt Road 12

Trotter Cemetery (1 grave only)

34714 U. S. Hwy 60/84

Upton Cemetery

3699 S. Roosevelt Road 7

Wall Ranch Cemetery (private) 

3784A S. Roosevelt Road 19

Webb Cemetery 

1212 New Mexico 235 

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